Sharpen images with this free AI tool

Want to sharpen your old or blurry images? Here is a free solution.

Sep 10, 2023

Sharpen images with this free AI tool

While working on a client’s website, I wanted to upload images for his testimonial section but the quality of the images he sent left much to be desired.

To compound the issue, these subpar images were the only ones available, and we were facing a time-sensitive situation that didn’t allow for the luxury of waiting for improved ones to arrive.

I sought online for a solution to make the images look better using AI and all platforms I visited wanted me to part ways with money I did not have.

Almost gave up until I searched and found this subreddit.

It contains this link which is everything you’re looking for.

The only thing you have to do to make use of the software is log in with your Github Account. At the time of this writing, the software has been ran 46.9 million times. That’s all the proof you need to convince yourself it is an amazing piece of software.

Go test it out now!