Git Abort Mission!

What happens when you pull from a wrong or broken branch? You abort mission!

Aug 9, 2023

Git Abort Mission!

I am working on a restaurant project with a team of developers and designers and long story short, we are meant to pull from the dev branch from time to time. But on setting up the project on my local machine, I discovered that the dev branch is broken so I decided to merge directly to main because I’m something of a semi-terrorist.

Well, due to what I’d call a matter of habit, I just pulled from the broken dev branch 20 minutes ago. And yep, the unending avalanche of merge conflicts came crashing down.

Abort mission!

I had to look for  a solution and a solution I found. It is ridiculously easy how solving this problem is. Without changing anything, I searched online and found the code below:

git merge --abort

That was the solution to my problem. I typed that into my terminal, clicked enter and sanity was restored to my world.